frequently asked Questions

It’s very easy!

  • Turn on your ENENCE by pressing and holding the on / off button for two seconds .
  • Connect your smartphone to WiFi or a cellular network.
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on your smartphone .
  • Download the MUAMA ENENCE app to your mobile phone.
    • Scan the QR code , which you can find in the user manual or on the back of the packaging .
    • Hit “Download”.
  • Open the app. Press “ALLOW” for all following access permissions.
  • Press “Scan” on your phone screen.
  • Select “MUAMA ENENCE Translator” to pair your mobile phone with the translator.
  • That’s it!

Once your ENENCE instant translator is paired with your smartphone, you do NOT need to repeat the instructions . If you need more detailed information, please follow the steps given in the user manual : Download the user manual

  • Make sure your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network.
  • Make sure that your MUAMA ENENCE device is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth (see question “How do I connect my MUAMA ENENCE instant translator?” For more details).
  • Language settings:
    • Press the ME icon on your phone screen to select your native language.
    • Press the microphone (🎤) icon on your phone screen to select the language of the person you are speaking to.
  • Have the conversation translated:
    • Press and hold the ME button on your ENENCE device. Speak into the device in your native language. When you’re done, release the ME button . The device gives a spoken translation of your sentence to the person you are speaking to.
    • Press and hold the microphone (🎤) button on your ENENCE device. Let the person you are speaking to speak into the device. When it’s done, release the microphone (🎤) button. The device will translate the sentence into your native language.
  • Have your written communications translated by tapping the keyboard (⌨) icon on your phone screen.

Yes, the MUAMA ENENCE instant translator is a two-way translator. You can have a smooth, continuous conversation with anyone abroad! You can translate from one language to another and vice versa. Text translations are also supported.

Yes, you need a smartphone to use the MUAMA ENENCE instant translator. For more information, see the answer to the question “How do I pair my MUAMA ENENCE instant translator?” or in the detailed operating instructions here:
Download operating instructions

Please switch off guided access in your iPhone settings (Settings> Accessibility> Guided access> Switch off). Reinstall the app. Then it should open.


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