Speak 36 languages ​​at the push of a button - "My 60-year-old mother also loves this device"

2nd March 2022

My name is Sabine and I am a 31 year old nomad. In the past 7 years I have visited more than 50 countries. I have lived in countries like Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, Nicaragua and South Africa for months. If you like to travel or want to travel more often, you will like this exclusive gadget that I will comment on.

What if you could communicate with EVERYONE in the world, regardless of the language of the person you are speaking to? It may sound like a Star Trek movie, but that’s exactly what MUAMMA  Enence does ! This instant translator translates more than 36 languages ​​in real time at the touch of a button. As a frequent traveler, I can’t get enough of it and it’s so good that I even bought one for my mom last month to keep her safe while traveling. Here is my honest review.

First, it is very useful in emergencies

Tell me how you ask your way when you’re lost
How do you negotiate a taxi without getting ripped off ?
How can you contact the police or ask about specific medical treatment if something happens to you?
It is very difficult not to speak the national language.

And that happened to my 60 year old mother when we were in Russia ...

In the 1990s my mother, my father and I were on vacation in Russia … Unfortunately, my mother got sick at night: severe stomach ache, headache and fever …

A few hours later we learned that she was suffering from “food poisoning” …

She had tried everything for a few minutes to explain her problem to the manager of our hotel … she mimicked signs of stomach pain to see a doctor … but the hotel concierge couldn’t understand a word and called room service thinking that my mother was hungry …

My mom eventually made it and got proper medical care, but in a situation like this, it would be really helpful to communicate in a foreign language.

When mom and dad are on their travels now, they always choose “all-inclusive hotels” and hardly ever leave the hotel. She tells me that when they arrive in another country they feel lost due to the language barrier.

When mom and dad are on their travels now, they always choose “all-inclusive hotels” and hardly ever leave the hotel. She tells me that when they arrive in another country they feel lost due to the language barrier.

I gave my mother a MUAMA Enence for her birthday and she says it gave her confidence to discover new cultures!

My mother is very fond of her translator

How this gadget helped me discover new cultures

Exploring new cultures is my favorite part of traveling! It’s those amazing “secrets” of the dishes or that beautiful beach that is not part of our routine and that I love to travel so much …

When I was in Thailand three months ago, I decided to do one thing: discover a new dish in Thai cuisine. In a small family restaurant I used my MUAMA Enence to ask the waitress what her favorite dish was. Her eyes lit up when the device started talking. 10 minutes later she served me Khao Soi: a curry soup made from coconut milk, served with large wheat noodles, meat and fried noodles. The best dish I’ve eaten in ages!

I discovered a new dish in a local restaurant with my Muama Enence machine

How does the technology work?

Let’s take a look under the hood. MUAMA Enence was born in Japan: the land of advanced technology, the best robots and the best speech technology. Although this is a small device, it is very powerful and easy to use …

  • All you have to do is select the language in which you want to communicate. Just click the “A” button and start speaking.
  •  Then release the “A” key and your instant translator MUAMA Enence will automatically translate what has been said into the selected language.
  •  Press the “B” key – let your foreign friend speak. Then release the “B” key and your instant translator MUAMA Enence will automatically translate what he or she is saying in their native language.

See it in action!

Which languages ​​are preinstalled in the MUAMA Enence?

With MUAMA Enence you can communicate in more than 36 languages. It offers a quick and accurate translation that makes conversations with strangers a lot easier. And the device works both ways! ALL supported languages ​​are interchangeable.

My Opinion - Buy it while it's still available

MUAMA Enence is really changing your life and the way you travel. It has been featured on all major media, as well as on television and social media. Because of this, this product has been sold like crazy, but stocks won’t last long as stocks are limited. I recommend ordering the MUAMA Enence translatorwhile it’s still available.

For a limited time this device is available at a 70% discount.

How to use MUAMA Enence:

In just 2 steps
1. Click on the “A” button and start speaking.
2 Press the “B” key and let your foreign friend speak.


  • Speak in any language in seconds!
  • Can also be used as a charger for your mobile phone.
  • Long battery life.


  • Only a little left in stock

How can I buy the MUAMA Enence?

Order the MUAMA Enence on the official website .

MUAMA Enence is a great gift idea for you and your family!

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